Options Recovery Centre

About Us

Options Recovery Centre is a long term residential recovery centre for adults
with substance misuse problems.

Treatment is based in the Wellness model in conjunction with 12 Step philosophies.

We are located in Surrey near Vancouver, British Columbia.



Substance misuse is a multi-faceted problem involving learned behaviours, attitudes, values, beliefs and unproductive coping mechanisms. Time, energy and focus are required to build a foundation and enact the changes necessary for successful recovery.

We address environment and peer influences associated with substance use as a necessary component to establish change. Client need to be a part of the community.

We offer a structured community environment that is fair, caring, honest, stable, consistent, open and demands accountability. Exposure to this lifestyle helps clients develop standards they can structure relationships around. Recovery and healing can be an enjoyable and stimulating experience.


Georges Story

In August 1997 I arrived at a new place in my disease of addiction that I’d not experienced in the past. Sure I’d been broke, homeless, facing legal troubles, incarcerated (for what added up to fifteen plus years) before, but now the medical consequences of active addiction began to kick in. Decades ago those old guys had predicted this would happen, but I thought I was different.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I did know that I was now willing to do whatever it would take to never end up in this situation again. I went to a recovery center once again, heard all the things I’d heard before and worked on all the same assignments I’d worked on before, but this time the result was different. So what changed? I changed. I stopped trying to figure things out and only did what I was asked; with diligence and thoroughness. As a consequence my whole life changed.

Today, I work in the recovery field. I’ve been off welfare for over five years. I’ve held service positions in my home group. I am rebuilding my relationship with my family and I have true friends that care about me. I have healthy outside interests, and I have a puppy that depends on me.

My experience in numerous recovery facilities both as client and staff member, combined with my own journey has taught me how to continue navigating through life’s many pot holes, and detours while avoiding the many traps that lead to relapse. I and all the other staff here at Options Recovery Centre look forward to the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.


Our logo

We at OPTIONS use this well known sign as our logo because it symbolizes both addiction and recovery. The straight line could represent addiction; a long highway that ultimately ends in jails, institutions or death. The turn-off is the dramatic change that recovery demands.

Alternatively, the straight line could represent the recovered addict’s life, when for no apparent reason s/he veers off and finds out that this road still leads to jails, institutions or death. Whichever interpretation you chose is your business. If you’re on the highway of addiction and want to get off, that’s our business.

About Us

If you’re on the highway of addiction and want to get off, that’s our business.


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